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Monopoly just Extended

A self playing Monopoly game with extended features..


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Version v1.05 — monoplus-1.05.zip

Version v1.04 — monoplus-1.04.zip

Version v1.02 — monoplus-1-02.zip

Version v1.01 — monoplus-1-01.zip

Version v1.00 — monoplus.zip



Version 1.05 2021-06-05

Inflation comes to Monopoly. In some circumstances properties can be distributed equally to where there can  be no clear winner in the game and each player is paid more money than they lose on each go around the board.  This can be solved by limiting the number of turns in the game(/turnslimit) or you can turn on inflation(/inflation) which the percentage of inflation keeps on rising when ever the bank balance goes negative and the bank starts printing money. Turn on inflation that keeps making everything more expensive to see how the player with the most assets when inflation kicks in, will benefit the most and win the game.

Version 1.04 2020-10-07

Added command line switches to change house rules. These changes are the more popular changes from the internet. The list of current switches can be found by typing

Monoplus /?

Version 1.02 2020-09-21

Fixed assessed tax on houses and hotels. Assessed taxes were not stored properly and were returning 0.

Lottery is fixed as it was also having the same stack verses heap issues and the lottery ticket was always being returned as NULL.

Version 1.01 2020-09-19

Fixed bank auction  that only auctioned to the player that was submitting it to auction whom was bankrupt.

Added colors to property names.

Version 1.0 2020-09-16